5 Reasons why pet services can be the perfect business to run from home

5 Reasons why pet services can be the perfect business to run from home

At We Love Pets we have helped numerous aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfil their ambition of setting up and running their own business from home with our dog walking and pet services franchises. If you are considering starting you own business and working for yourself here are 5 reasons why a  We Love Pets franchise is the ideal answer.

  1. Look Forward To Work Every Day

Let’s face it, if it came to a choice between doing something that you enjoy and going to work most, if not all, of us would choose the former. The trick in life is to find a  ‘job’ where you earn money from your hobby or interest. If you are a pet lover particularly a dog lover, what could be better than starting a dog walking business and doing some pet sitting as well.

Rather than finding work a chore, all of our franchisees actually look forward to every day because they are indulging their passion for pets, and getting that lovely feeling of being helpful and useful to other pet owners who either don’t have the time or in some cases the ability to give their pets the love they need.

2. Work How You Want, When You Want

There is no point in setting up a new business if it takes over your life. The beauty of being your own boss is that YOU decide when to work and for the most part, what you do when you are there. Our franchisees often comment on the feeling of freedom they experience when they go to work knowing they are doing this because they want to, rather than have to.

3.  Don’t Let Your Business Take Over Your Home

The problem with a lot of businesses that you can run from home is that there is a danger of them taking over the house or garage. This is especially true of a business where there is stock involved, but it also applies where you need equipment to operate such as in a cleaning business or if people have to visit you as part of your service.

The ideal business should operate at other people’s premises and require minimal equipment other than a laptop, printer and a small filing cabinet which most of you will have these before you start.  

The beauty of a dog walking or pet services business is that you are either in the great outdoors or looking after a pet at someone else’s house.

4.  Don’t Risk Money in Stock, Equipment or Premises  

The less you need to invest in getting the business up and running not only reduces the risk but also the stress of starting up on your own. This is particularly true if your new venture requires you to buy stock that might not sell or equipment that might go wrong.

It is even more of a risk if you have to take on specialised or extra premises, as you can be tied into a rental or lease which will be a major headache if the venture is not a successful as you thought it might be.

With a dog walking franchise, other than yourself all you are going to need are some outdoor clothes and some sturdy footwear with a van or estate car to get you between appointments!

5.  Make Sure You Can Cope

Many of the people we talk to about a We Love Pets franchise have in fact tried setting up or operating their own business before. In many cases they have been overwhelmed by all of the things you have to do just to get a business up and running. Many also tell us that as opposed to wonderful feelings of freedom they actually feel very insecure and find it hard to deal with it all on their own.

What you want is a business where there is an established support structure to get you through the first few months and, just as importantly, a tried and tested process to get your business off the ground as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Although we deal with animals, at We Love Pets we are really a people company and there is nothing we like more than helping someone fulfil their dream of owning and running their own business.  We have focussed on providing a business that is ready to ‘straight out of the box’ and that there is plenty of support for our franchisees to call on at any time.

If you have a love of pets and believe that now is the time for you to set up your own business, we would really like to hear from  you. We have franchises available in many areas, so to take the first step on a life changing journey, simply register your interest using the handy form on our website: https://welovepetsfranchise.co.uk/get-in-touch

This entry was posted on 10th January 2018.