How it all began

Hi, I’m Joanne White, the founder of We Love Pets.

I set We Love Pets (WLP) up in Hungerford, Berkshire in 2008 and now WLP are run through a network of family owned businesses providing pet care in their local area.

The idea behind the business was that pet owners find it difficult to care for their pets: pressures of work, holidays or a busy lifestyle, to name but a few. What these pet owners needed was for someone they could trust to take the dog for a walk, or come in and feed their pet when they were out. Sometimes they needed to leave their pet behind when they were away, but were unhappy about sending them to kennels or a cattery. We Love Pets was born to meet these needs by providing dog walking, pet sitting and animal boarding. 

WLP have looked after thousands of dogs since it was established. We’ve had an amazing few years with all our fantastic franchisees successfully running their own pet business and winning awards for our services.

With over 58 million pets in UK households we’re looking forward to expanding our thriving business in the growing pet market. We’d love to talk to you about running your own pet business, so please get in touch by emailing