Day in the life of franchisee Tracey

To help give you an idea of what’s involved here is a day in life of franchisee Tracey Alexander:

Pet Care Franchises.  Meet Tracey - happy owner of a We Love Pets franchise.

07.30 – breakfast time!

I start my day by having breakfast and a cuppa at around 07.30 and do a few bits around the house before I leave for work.

As we have a lot of customer’s keys to share around, I then check the diary to make sure that everyone has the keys they need to walk the dogs that are booked in for the day. I may also have a few changes to make to the rota if customers have contacted me in the morning with extra bookings or cancellations.


It’s time to get the holiday cats and animals fed and watered before dog walks start for the day. I might have a couple of cats to visit, feed and give a bit of attention, and maybe some guinea pigs, tortoises or other small animals! I do the rounds and tell them I’ll see them later if I’m popping back again for their dinner.


If any of my team need keys I usually drop them off at around 09.30-10.00 and have a quick catch up with them before they start their day. It’s nice to have a quick chat and see how the dogs are all getting on and how their week is going.


Dogs visits can start anytime from 10.30 – it’s usually the cute puppy visits at this time as they can’t be left too long on their own. It’s toilet break, food and playtime for these little ones J

I usually try to grab a coffee and a quick snack after these visits before the busy dog walking period over lunchtime.


We’re into walkies time now! While my team tend to walk dogs in and around the area they live, I have a busy schedule across the whole patch. I always try to take the dogs to different places and mix their walking partners up where possible so they don’t have the same walks all the time. When I drop them back I either leave a little note for the customers, drop them a quick text to let them know how we got on, or post a picture and caption on Facebook for them to see their doggies having fun! I usually have around four walks over this period – sometimes with two or three dogs, and sometimes a solo walk.

After the busy period of walks I have a sandwich and a drink for lunch – somewhere with a nice view if I can! – then head off to my next booking.


This is usually the time for second puppy visits so I might be back to see the cute little ones again! It’s always lovely to see how excited they are that you’ve arrived back again!


I try to schedule customer visits in at this time where possible, anytime up to 18.30 if the customer is only available after work. I’ll mix this up with any small animal visits that I need to do at the end of the day.

19.00 – my own time!

Often I’m home before 19.00, but not on a busy day! It’s great fun interacting with the team, customers and all the animals during the day and all while being out and about!

If it’s a quieter day then I often go to the gym, go and visit family or meet a friend for a catch up. The great thing is that no day is the same and I can set my own hours!

I try to make a note when I get home of any changes that happened during the day so I make sure I invoice customers for the right walks and pay the team the right amount when pay day comes around!

Then it’s dinner with the hubby and feet up time ready to do it all again tomorrow!