New pet franchise in Maidstone, Kent

New pet franchise in Maidstone, Kent

Welcome to Elaine, our latest addition to the growing team of our pet franchises in the UK. 

I’ll have my own independence and I can sit back and be proud of my own achievements and say, ‘I built this’.

Elaine, 52, has a career history in caring professions, so we knew immediately that she was a perfect fit for our franchise family.


How did you perceive franchising before getting in touch with We Love Pets?

I used to think franchising was too confusing and didn’t really understand the concept but with the help and guidance from We Love Pets it’s the complete opposite. Jo and Ryan explained everything from day one, in plain English and none of my questions were overlooked. I never felt daft asking anything. Ongoing, someone is always available to speak to if I have any worries or questions.


What was that one thing that made you think ‘yes, this is for me’.

When I decided I wanted to own a pet care franchise I found choosing one quite a challenge because there are so many. Where do you start? I chose We Love Pets because, like I mentioned, Ryan explained everything so well and made it all simple to understand. There were no pushy sales moments, because it’s as equally important to them that they have the right people. I came off the phone thinking “Yes! This is what I want to do”.


What have been your main concerns? Those little moments of self-doubt?

My main concerns were; can I do this? run my own business? can I earn enough money? will I get the support I need and for how long?

We Love Pets have given me so much support already, they’ve been doing this for ten years and the business model is proven to work. They made me feel they care about me and my success. I’m excited to continue their great track record and provide an outstanding service in Maidstone.


How does it feel when you hear someone call you a ‘business owner’?

Let’s be honest, no one likes being told what to do so being my own boss will be liberating. I can run my very own business, doing something I will get enormous enjoyment from, to suit me and my lifestyle. I am very excited.

It’s important for me, like it is for many people, to be as mentally and physically fit as possible, and to be able to do all the things I want to with family and friends. Being a business owner will take hard work and commitment, but it’s all down to me, so if I choose to take a day off I can. If I choose to do my admin on a Sunday night, I can. I can control my days all while ensuring I continue to provide an exceptional service to my customers.


What are you most looking forward to?

Aside from the obvious, a better work / life balance, I am really looking forward to not having that Sunday night dread, when you know you’ve got to go back to work again Monday morning.

I’ll have my own independence and I can sit back and be proud of my own achievements and say, ‘I built this’.

Plus, being outdoors in the fresh air is such a bonus in any job I’d say.

This entry was posted on 18th April 2018.