Celebration of our longest employee

Celebration of our longest employee

A celebration of our longest employee Clare Brown 

We Love Pets is celebrating its longest-serving employee… Clare Brown.

When dog mad Clare joined the Hungerford branch in February 2012 as a dog walker it was still in its early stages, so she has been a part of the growth and the success it is today. Clare soon showed herself to be invaluable and took on the role of Branch Manager.

Back in 2012 when founding Director Jo met Clare for her interview, in the relaxed setting of the Hare restaurant near Hungerford, she hoped Clare would be a part of the We Love Pets family for a long time to come.

‘We only want to work with people who love animals as much as we do, and it was obvious after speaking with Clare that she shared our ethos, and she also shared my love of wine as we had a drink after to celebrate her appointment!’

As Clare knows the business inside and out, she’s often the go to person for many other We Love Pets team members, offering support for new franchisee owners, dog walker, etc.

To thank Clare for her commitment to the business, as our longest serving employee, as well as her dedication to her job and for going above and beyond on many occasion, we awarded Clare with a VIP experience at Longleat Safari Park.

But that’s enough about what we think of Clare, what does she think about working for We Love Pets?

What’s your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part has always been walking the dogs, being outdoors in the fresh air and meeting people. I’m not just animal mad, I’m people mad too, nothing better than a good old natter with other dog walkers.

After your small and unusual animal training with We Love Pets we recall you saying you’ll probably never get to use your new skills, so have you?

Uh, yes. Since the training with Ryan I’ve welcomed a bearded dragon into my home for 3 weeks, turtles and stick insects. Where else can you get such diversity except on a foreign holiday?

What’s a typical day as branch manager and dog walker?

 Up, breakfast, kids to school, check emails and messages, double check team hours, walk daycare dogs, another walk later…dinner, pick up of daycare dog.

I live on a large private country estate so we enjoy walking the dogs around in here in the fields and the woods.

Can you offer us any tips for walking in the cold weather?

Good boots are essential – get some fitted properly as they have to last for a while, it’s worth investing in a really decent pair to avoid discomfort or having to replace them regularly and don’t forget your waterproof trousers (we’ve all been there!).

This entry was posted on 24th January 2018.