Love pets? Why not make a business out of it?

Love pets? Why not make a business out of it?

Buy a Pet Franchise

Many people dream of owning and running their own business, which is usually related to something they really like doing. Instead of the daily to trudge to a job, they want to get up everyday and actually look forward to going to work.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to do this is to buy a franchise. Someone else has done all of the hard work: researching the market, perfecting the business model, setting up how the business runs, establishing and promoting the brand but, most importantly, creating a support system that helps the new business owner succeed.

The real benefit of franchising is that you are your own boss and directly get the rewards of your efforts by doing something you enjoy.

We Love Pets was set up over 8 years ago by people who loved pets, principally dogs. We realised that, with over 58 million pets in UK households, the market was huge. Moreover there were many reasons why the pet owners may find it difficult to care for their pets: pressures of work, sudden or prolonged illness, holidays, to name but a few.

What these pet owners needed was for someone else to help out. Someone they could trust to take the dog for a walk, or come in and feed their pet when they were out. Sometimes they needed to leave their pet behind when they were away but were unhappy about sending them to kennels or a cattery.

We Love Pets was born to meet these need by providing dog walking, pet boarding and pet sitting services for these under pressure owners. However, we quickly realised that this business would make an ideal franchise opportunity for other pet lovers to start their own business.

It ticked all the boxes; we were getting more enquiries for dog walkers and dog sitters than we could handle, potential franchisees would already be skilled in the basics as they had pets themselves, we had already created a brand that was recognised and we could provide the support the franchisees would need to get started.

Our hunch was correct. We have opened franchise branches in 11 areas to date and all of the franchisees are delighted with how their businesses have grown.

What better way to earn a living than to own something that brings you pleasure.

If you love dealing with pets and want to set up your own business visit, or email [email protected] and talk to people who have a track record of bringing success to their franchisees.

This entry was posted on 14th June 2017.