Meet Kelly, We Love Pets Salisbury West

Meet Kelly, We Love Pets Salisbury West

A familiar face in the community already, Kelly is stepping out from behind a desk after 18 years and straight into providing a service to pet owners in Salisbury West.

I’m excited to use my local knowledge to enjoy the outdoors, and meet familiar and new faces as I build the business.

I worked in a local school The Burgate School & Sixth Form and was an active member of the school’s Management Team, making key decisions with the School Business Manager to support the development and improvement of the main school office.

It was imperative that everything I did was to a high standard and accurate. I’m bringing with me great organisational skills that will be invaluable with the administration and timekeeping side of running my own business.

I also had to regularly ‘encourage’ students back to lessons, which I think will stand me in good stead when trying to encourage a Labrador out of the biggest muddy puddle they can find, however, I’ll have treats as bait – there was no such luxury or bribery allowed in school.

You’re now joining almost 5 million self-employed business owners, how does it feel?

 This is my first step into the world of business owner so there’s going to be lots I need help with but that doesn’t worry me as We Love Pets head office have everything in place to support me with every possible aspect of running a successful business, including marketing and recruitment when I take on dog walkers in the community.

Kelly is looking forward to caring for not only dogs and cats but other small animals too. As well as her small animal training with head office she’s got first-hand experience with her own bearded dragon, guinea pigs, snake and fish, as well as Amber her terrier/chihuahua cross.

I have always wanted a career/profession and to be my own boss so I am really excited about undertaking this new adventure.

As a self-employed business owner, I will have the freedom to make executive decisions that will affect the future of not only my company but also my family and career in the long-term. I will definitely enjoy the flexibility of being my own boss.

Investing in a franchise means you’ve got everything there for you, methods have been tried and tested and you’re not only paying for the freedom to be your own boss but also for the expertise of tried and tested methods to run a successful business.

Kelly used BizBritain for her franchise costs, which she found really quick and easy to do.

Like many, Kelly had always worked in an office, with very little fresh air often seeing the seasons come and go so she’s really looking forward to being outside and getting fitter on the walks and home visits. 

I wanted to start a franchise for a better income and a better quality of life being active and enjoying the outside whatever the season rather than sat static at a desk all year long.

Elizabeth Gardens and Churchill Gardens in Salisbury are lovely areas to walk dogs with beautiful surroundings and friendly people, so I can’t wait to watch the seasons come and go without a window in the way.

Visit Kelly’s branch webpage for more information on her dog walking and pet sitting services in Salisbury

This entry was posted on 3rd December 2018.