Meet Silene, We Love Pets Barnet, Hertfordshire

Meet Silene, We Love Pets Barnet, Hertfordshire

Silene joins the growing team of We Love Pets franchise owners with her new branch in Barnet, Hertfordshire.

Originally from Spain, Silene moved to the UK in 2015 (we’re sorry about the weather Silene!) and since University has had a full career within large pharmaceutical companies, which has meant continued learning, development and a high level of accuracy to meet the legal obligations of the industry.

Stress is understandably quite high, and Silene felt it was time to focus on herself a little more and be happier in her work, that’s when we first heard from her.

‘I had considered being my own boss some time ago, however, I could not find where or how to start, and I certainly did not have the resources and money to do so at that time so, I kept it as a dream for four years.

I knew about franchise models while I was studying my pharmacy degree in Spain however, I knew that a pharmacy business would not make me feel happy and it is a very high investment I could not afford. After speaking with my sister, she opened my eyes when she mentioned that I needed to think about what I love (she is so wise!) and then I looked for other types of franchises and I found We Love Pets!

The model suits me very well, it ticks all my boxes; it is flexible, you can work from home as well and I am looking forward to working close to the team, other franchises and my clients and their pets!’

What are you most looking forward to?

‘Being happy!

It’s great that I can work doing something that I love, with people that want to help me achieve my goals. Being able to make my own decisions! I can’t wait to start and come back home happy and feeling rewarded. It has the perfect combination and balance between people, animals and business.’

Do you have any pets of your own?

‘Yes, I have 2 cats Noa (female, 6 in July) and Ares (male, 5 in August). They’ve both been with me since they were a month old so I brought them over from Spain with me. Ares is very healthy and did not have many issues but Noa has a very delicate health and we have managed to go through all her health problems together for around 4-5 years. She is now doing very well and does not need any medication at all!

Caring for Noa and Area has helped Silene develop a good level of communication with animals, how to give oral medication to cats – and we all know how virtually impossible that can be – and understand the need for playing, company and how to solve behavioural problems!’

Silene will be offering services in Barnet, Hertfordshire



This entry was posted on 23rd July 2018.