Meet the Woodley pet franchise

Meet the Woodley pet franchise

Calling Woodley and Earley

A home from home experience for your pet when you’re away.

Tracey Alexander, owner of We Love Pets in Reading East and her team enjoyed a busy Christmas and New Year looking after an array of animals for pet owners in the Woodley and Earley area.

From puppy visits, to dog boarding, cat visits, dog walking and small animal care, we did it all. It affords such peace of mind for the pet owners to know their pet is cared for in a home from home environment when they are away on holiday, visiting relatives or in some circumstances away from home for medical reasons.

As well as offering an alternative to kennels, Tracey and her team offer dog walking, with the added rule of ‘no pack walking’. This has been a subject of hot topic in many local authority areas around the country and recently debated on Radio 2.

‘We Love Pets have always had a no pack rule, to ensure the safety, enjoyment for the dogs, the walkers and other park / road users we only ever walk a maximum of 3 dogs together. We can then give them equal attention, cater for the less confident dogs and ensure our own safety. If we had five dogs all weighing 10kgs each pulling, then it’s not going to be possible to control them.’

The team of dog walkers, boarders and pet carers in the area have some of the most rewarding jobs going, from daily walks with dogs of all sizes, all personalities to puppy visits, to small animal care.

‘While some people are at work scrolling through puppy and dog videos, we’re spending time with the real thing. We’re incredibly lucky.’

As well as covering Woodley and Earley, Tracey and her team cover Shinfield, central Reading, south Reading, Caversham, Sonning and Lower Earley in the Reading East area.

Hear from Gordon, We Love Pets dog walker and dog boarder

‘It’s understandable that some people think dog walking is a temporary job to fill a gap in employment or during educational holidays, but We Love Pets really care about their staff and the animals they’re trusted with. That’s why all our jobs are permanent and we always recruit locally.’

If you’d like to find out about our pet franchises please contact us: [email protected]

This entry was posted on 26th February 2018.