New Year, New Adventures with a We Love Pets Franchise

New Year, New Adventures with a We Love Pets Franchise

New year is always one of our busiest periods for new franchisee enquiries, and we understand why. New year brings a feeling of new beginnings.

Whether you’ve had time off or not over the festive period it’s often a time of year when we evaluate how much time we have to ourselves to do everything we love and look for a better, healthier work life balance, and that’s exactly what our national franchisees are all enjoying.

If you love pets, aren’t afraid of working hard to achieve your dream of working for yourself, then we’d love to tell you more about a franchise with We Love Pets.

You’ll have seen other people start their own businesses, some succeed and some don’t. There’s no one reason why some don’t make it, but those who do often have everything around them to support their journey from a tried and tested model. At We Love Pets our franchisees have a 100% success rate with most turning over £70,000 in their second year of trading and although the finance side isn’t the main catalyst for people getting in touch, you understandably want to know your plan for a better working life is going to support you.

Why not make a business out of your love for pets?

We’re sure you can buy a book for every part of starting and running your own pet care business, but have you got time to read them, to work out which ones are relevant, necessary or do you start your own business and wing it until the time comes that you need to learn about Health and Safety, Recruitment, Licenses, Marketing, Social Media, Sales, etc? These are just a small list of everything you’ll need to run a legal, successful, smooth and stress free business.

All of that, and more, is available to you with a We Love Pets franchise. If you have the interest, commitment and enthusiasm – we add the vital support for you to succeed at your home-based business doing something you really love.

Why do you want to help me start my own pet care business?

We Love Pets was set up by Jo in 2008 to meet a demand for pet care.

We were getting more enquiries for dog walkers and dog sitters than we could handle, we had already created a brand that was recognised and we could provide the support the franchisees would need to get started.

The demand continues to grow and the need for safe, reliable pet care services including dog walkingpet sitting, puppy sittingdog home boarding and dog day care continues to grow. We quickly realised that this model would make an ideal franchise opportunity for other pet lovers to start their own business, so we decided to share our success with others so they too can enjoy running their own business and to bring a welcomed service and jobs to local communities.

We have opened franchise branches in 28 areas to date and all of the franchisees are delighted with how their businesses have grown and continue to flourish.

Jo still heads up the company and is a huge part of every aspect, in fact you’ll meet her early on.

Should you start your own pet care business or buy a ready-made franchise?

When We Love Pets started almost 10 years ago, we had to go it alone as there were no ready-made businesses on offer and so we know the pro’s and con’s of both options.

The first thing we discovered was that finding someone who wanted their dog walked or their pet sat was the easy part.

What was really daunting was setting up the business itself. Choosing the name, organising stationery, designing and setting up a website, checking the laws and getting accreditations, getting a uniform, marketing the business, meeting customers, handling the different pets, dealing with emergencies, the list was endless, and costly too!  

Which is why one of the biggest benefits of buying a franchise is someone else has done all the hard work for you, leaving you to concentrate on building up the business and enjoying your new adventure.

We have other branch owners who we invite you to get in touch with and ask about their experiences, then when you’re on board they will offer invaluable advice and knowledge as they understand; having once been where you will be.

Buying a well-known franchise means that you get access to an established marketing operation and a highly visible website, which generates sales leads and new customers. Other franchisees also act as your sales team, passing on enquires they get for your area. The overall result is that your business will develop at a much faster rate than if you were going it alone.

For more information on how easy We Love Pets makes setting up your own pet services business and taking that first step to becoming your own boss in 2018, get in touch.

This entry was posted on 25th December 2017.