Which services do our franchisees provide?

Dog walking

Our most popular service is dog walking. Most other dog walkers walk large groups of dogs at one time. We don’t do this. We want our customer’s dogs to experience a fun filled walk whilst under constant supervision, without being bombarded by lots of other dogs! Although we don’t offer large pack walks we match each dog with a doggie friend who is suitable in age, size and playability.

The aim of each dog’s walk is to make it the highlight of their day, giving them a chance to play, socialise and explore new sights and smells. Fresh water, towel down, treats and customer updates are all part of the service.


Pet sitting

Our pet sitting service allows pets to stay at home when their owners are away on holiday. Many owners prefer for their pets to stay at home instead of transporting them somewhere else, or relying on neighbours or friends. Visits are provided morning, daytime or evening to exercise, water, feed, fuss and provide a health check. As owners are away we are often asked to water plants and put out recycling, as well as opening and closing curtains and switching lights on and off to make the house look lived in.


Dog and puppy visits

This service is for customers who prefer their dog to stay at home, rather than having a walk. This might be for a variety of reasons, some will be because the dog is ill, injured, elderly or too young for a full walk or just needs some company while the owner is out or working late.

Our puppy visiting service enables customers to have a puppy and still go to work, whilst their puppy receives plenty of play and interaction with their dog carer. As well as feeding, toilet breaks and cuddles, we can also carry out some useful puppy training


Dog boarding and day care (optional)

Home boarding is a great alternative to traditional boarding kennels. The aim is to integrate the dog as part of a family while the owner is on holiday. Daily routines, such as feeding and walks, are maintained throughout the dog’s stay. Dog day care works like a crèche for the dog while the owner is at work or out for the day. Most franchisees employ home boarders to carry out this service.


Other services (optional) 

Some of our franchisee offer horse care and small animal boarding.