The realities of buying a hands-on all weather franchise

The realities of buying a hands-on all weather franchise

If we ask a room full of people, all ages, from a variety of different career backgrounds, we think most would say ‘yes’ to running their own business looking after pets.

Being your own boss, controlling your working hours, your health and well being – who wouldn’t want to do it?

But, is it all rolling around with puppies and kittens, running through sun-kissed fields and on windswept beautiful sandy beaches?

Sometimes, yes, but also it can be very different.

From the moment we get new enquiries for franchisee branch owners we make it clear that this job will reward you over and over again, but there’s some hard work along the way…

You will have to go out in all weathers.

We don’t stop for a little bit of snow like Heathrow and Gatwick do, we get out there! The pets we are entrusted to look after and care for still have needs – they still need to pee, eat and have their cuddles, so we have to be there for them.

We often use the hashtag #outdooroffice on our Instagram posts, because that’s where you’ll be most days!

You’ll be picking up poo!

There, we said it, you’ll be picking up poo, cleaning pee and occasionally a bit of sick if a pet has an upset tummy. You’ll have poo bags in every pocket before you know it!

You will work beyond 5pm some days.

You may have a staffing issue or an after-hours question from a customer, as we’re so active on social media it means we’re often contacted out of what used to be perceived as ‘normal working hours’. So, as ideal as it sounds to be working only when you choose, there will be times when you have to break that rule and work on your business.

You won’t please everyone.

It’d be exhausting if we tried, but sadly sometimes we can’t accommodate a request from a customer, for example We Love Pets don’t pack walk and, on occasion, we have had enquiries from customers who have more than four dogs to walk, so we have to say no. Yours, the pet’s and other park users safety is far more important to us than income.

There will be stress.

Stress can come in all shapes and sizes. We find it can happen even when things are going well. We’re sure you’ve heard the saying ‘it’s a nice problem to have‘? You will encounter some stressful situations, for example, when you get so busy that you have to find and recruit your first or next employee, juggle an array of dog walks, pet visits or boarding appointments.

Or maybe a customer hasn’t been paying their invoices? That’s not a nice problem to have, and stressful.

We Love Pets has been providing pet care services for over a decade, so we’ve been through every scenario and have procedures, support and experts in place to help our franchise owners manage their businesses with minimal stress, so they can create the lifestyle they want.

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This entry was posted on 17th August 2019.