The UK pet market

The UK pet market

The pet market is a great industry to run a franchise business in, just look at the stats! 

There are 54 million pets in the UK and over 13 million households own pets, that’s 44% of UK households. Our website and marketing ensures we reach those pet owners looking for dog walkers and pet sitters.

More and more dog owners are busy at work and need a dog walker, and plenty of pet owners need professional help looking after their pets while they’re on holiday. If you love pets who wouldn’t want to work in the pet industry!

With over 54 million pets in the UK, and 44% of UK households owning a pet, we’re looking forward to expanding our thriving business in the growing pet market. We’d love to talk to you about running your own pet business, so please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

This entry was posted on 22nd October 2018.