What are the benefits of being a franchisee?

What are the benefits of being a franchisee?

Setting up a pet business

When you are investing all your time, sweat, tears and savings into a new business venture and getting little in return – save for an adrenalin rush and increased debt – you don’t want to be grouped with the clear majority of start-ups that fail within the first 5 years.

Imagine a better work life balance, doing something you enjoy and earning a living! You know it’s achievable, you’ve seen people succeed, but how?

At last, you pluck up the courage to go for it. You buy all the books, read every article online, hire an experienced coach and set yourself a start date. As the day approaches you realise that this is a major challenge and that you may not have all of the required expertise to make that step and make is a successful one.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Recruitment
  • Health and safety
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Training, guidance and support
  • Pet first aid
  • Relevant licences

What about making it easier? 

This is what franchising with We Love Pets is all about. You have the interest, commitment and enthusiasm – we add the vital support for you to succeed at a home-based business doing something you really love.

We Love Pets franchisees offer award winning pet care services including dog walking, pet sitting, puppy sitting, dog home boarding and dog day care and you can too!

Part of our franchisees journey is about being their own boss, owning a franchise allows them to achieve this – but with the back-up of our successful brand at their shoulder, always ready to help – this could be you too. Our marketing expertise helps to assess the possibilities or options; our actions can include the hands-on training to develop your talent and attitude into successful action.

We know that it can be a big step to take – away from the daily grind – but one that comes with a healthy turnover. There are currently fourteen branches running successfully, with turnover reaching £70,000 in their second year of trading.

While eager, many people still wonder whether they can make that step-change successfully. We’re currently keen to increase our present total of 16 franchises, and maintain our 100% success rate of operation.

If you think that the provision of a dog boarding or walking, or other pet care business, or related franchising opportunity, is for you, then we can’t wait for you to get in touch




This entry was posted on 4th April 2018.