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What is franchising?

Good question! For franchisees, the model creates an unrivalled opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an established business and make the most of offering tried and tested services which it has already been proved that people want.

Franchising is far more successful then independent businesses. 90% of independent start-ups do not succeed past 5 years; in contrast 90% of franchisees are still in business after 5 years.

There are many benefits to buying a franchise over starting a business from scratch:

A franchise enables a small business to compete with big businesses, more so than an independent small business, due to the pool of support from the franchisor and network of other franchisees (NI Business Info).

The ongoing support is one of the key reasons for the success of franchising. The franchisor has already gone through the pain of finding out what works and what doesn’t – they have invested in the systems and are now willing to teach you how to replicate it (British Franchising Association).

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We Love Pets are accredited by the British Franchising Association

The British Franchise Association (bfa) is the UK’s body in franchise regulation. It’s part of the European
Franchise Federation. Some franchises are not members as they’re simply not good enough. We Love Pets is proud to be a member and even won the BFA’s Emerging Franchisor Award in 2018, beating all of the franchise competition from all over the UK.

The BFA requires its members to comply with its Code of Ethical Conduct. Franchisor members, including We Love Pets, are assessed by the BFA and are re-accredited to ensure they comply with the Code of Ethical Conduct. We Love Pets meets the following requirements:

  • Pilot the concept successful before starting to franchise – our model is tried and tested.
  • Requirements relating to the return of preliminary deposits – although we’ve never had to return one, everyone has joined us on the journey.
  • Recruitment advertising must be free of ambiguity and misleading statements – everything we tell you is fact.
  • The parties must exercise fairness in all dealings with each other, including in the resolution of disputes – we work together, you don’t work for us!
We Love Pets

Why did our franchisees choose to franchise with us?

Here are some of the reasons our franchisees chose the franchising route instead of setting up their own pet business:

“I had previously looked into having my own dog business, but I knew we wouldn’t be where we are today without the franchise model behind us.”Jo, Farnham since 2016

“I’ll be honest, and my initial thoughts were to go it alone, however when I looked into franchises further and bombarded Ryan (Franchise Director) with hundreds of questions, I knew investing in a franchise from We Love Pets was definitely the way to go.”Caroline, Chorley

“The We Love Pets franchise model made me feel safe; coming out of a degree is a daunting prospect especially with the finances it brings, so I did not want to independently open my own business with the higher chances of it failing. Using the tried, tested and trusted We Love Pets business model means that I have a much higher chance of succeeding and I am also surrounded by lovely people who are always happy to help share their wealth of knowledge.”Millie, Bridgend

“The whole business side of things such as the facts, accounting and marketing scared me! It appealed to me that, with franchising, it was all just part of the package and taken in hand for you.”Sophie Baldwin, Chippenham since May 2016

“Had been working for Reading West and was already a known package. It is attractive as it is ready so takes a lot of pressure off the business side of it. There’s lots of support, so gives confidence.”Tracey Alexander, Reading East since April 2014

“I used to think franchising was too confusing and didn’t really understand the concept but with the help and guidance from We Love Pets it’s the complete opposite. Jo and Ryan explained everything from day one, in plain English and none of my questions were overlooked. I never felt daft asking anything. Ongoing, someone is always available to speak to if I have any worries or questions.”Elaine, Maidstone

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