What Makes a Great Franchisee?

What Makes a Great Franchisee?

If you’ve ever thought seriously about starting your own business, you may have considered running a franchise. After all, franchising is about becoming part of an already-successful business, and taking advantage of the support and resources of a bigger organisation.

But once you’ve found the franchise opportunity that’s right for you, how can you tell if YOU are right for the franchise? Here are some of the key attributes you should have to make your franchise a success.


A great franchisee is committed

When you run your own business, it’s all up to you. You need to be self-motivated and committed to providing a great service to your clients. You should be able to set goals for yourself and work to achieve them; if you’re not continually striving to improve your business, it won’t grow. Wanting something to happen is very different to making it happen.

You also need to be the sort of person who is excited by challenges, learns from and bounces back stronger from setbacks. If you trust that things can and will get better, you’ll be more likely to stick at it, and your franchise will be more likely to succeed.


A great franchisee has a positive outlook

If you have a positive mindset, you’ll start every day with enthusiasm and know you can handle whatever the day throws at you. Positive thinking gives you more energy, and makes you more resilient. Plus, it’s contagious – if you are genuinely enthusiastic everyone you work with will feel more positive because of your influence, and that will make them want to work with you more.

Positive thinking also helps with problem-solving and decision-making. You’ll see solutions and opportunities where others see only problems. Or, if you have a particularly tough issue to deal with, you focus on solving it rather than placing blame or wasting time with self-pity – and if you have picked the right franchise to work with they will be able to help you and support you through it.


A great franchisee is hard-working

A successful franchisee will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Sometimes this means working long hours, multi-tasking, and taking on jobs that you’ve never done before, or that are outside your comfort zone.

There is no substitute for hard work, especially during the first year of running your franchise. You need to care about success and pursue every reasonable opportunity; even with the backing of your franchise company, the business will not just come to you – you must work hard to win it. Remember what Gary Player – one of the world’s best ever golfers famously said  – “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”


A great franchisee works well with others

Regardless of the nature of your franchise, you need to win and retain customers in order to succeed. Good communication skills are key to providing great customer service and for creating loyalty, trust and good-will with your customers so they’ll come back time and again.

If you are a genuine ‘people person’, you have one of the most valuable assets to successful franchise ownership. Successful franchisees have excellent interpersonal skills and can build effective working relationships with people at all levels – customers, colleagues, employees, suppliers, etc.


A great franchisee has a sense of humour

While it’s important to take your business seriously, that doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time. An appropriate sense of humour can put others at ease so people will enjoy working with you.

Humour is also a good stress buster; it helps you keep things in perspective. If you can maintain a sense of humour during the tough days, it will help keep your enthusiasm up and you’ll feel capable of tackling anything. A relaxed and jovial attitude is a great aid to creative thinking, so you can brainstorm new ideas and solutions to any issues.


A great We Love Pets franchisee is passionate about pets

If you love animals and have pets yourself, why not consider a pet care franchise? Franchisees for We Love Pets provide dog walking and pet sitting services to thousands of happy customers.

In addition to the attributes listed above, a successful We Love Pets franchisee must have a genuine love of animals, be completely trustworthy and able to commit to consistent availability. Rain or shine, people and their pets will be relying on you. Pet owners want to feel confident that their pet will receive the care and attention it needs – you have to care about their care!

In addition, you should be able to handle multiple pets at once, and be prepared to learn about particular breed requirements. Some pets can be difficult or temperamental; you’ll need to win their trust while still maintaining a high standard of care. You can’t be squeamish about the less cuddly aspects of the job either – cleaning up urine, faeces and vomit where necessary. And, ideally, you’d have some basic animal first aid skills.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a great franchisee, start looking into the franchise opportunities out there. And if you think you’d thrive looking after animals, look into a franchise with We Love Pets.

This entry was posted on 4th June 2018.