What transferable skills do you need to run your own pet care business?

What transferable skills do you need to run your own pet care business?

Transferable skills

Firstly, what are transferable skills? Transferable skills are abilities and skills that you’d have picked up in everyday life, and during your career, that can be transferred into enabling you to cope and deliver in almost any situation.

They’re not just business skills their life skills too, and are sometimes referred to as ‘portable skills’.

A lack of direct experience is not necessarily a barrier to running your own business – if it was, how would anyone ever start and run their own business?

We’ve listed below some of the key skills you’ll need to run your own pet care business, and we think you’ve probably got them all already!

Communication Skills

You don’t need to speak dog, but you do need to be able to communicate at a professional full English level via telephone, email, messenger and in person with your customers. We know you’ll be doing this naturally every day anyway. This is already easier than you thought, right?

Time Management

If we say we’ll walk someone’s dog, or pop in to visit their cat at a certain time on a certain day then that’s what we’ll do. Sometimes, external factors can hinder the most robust plans, but personal time management is essential. If you’re someone who’s always on time then you’ll do just great at running your own business.

Personal Motivation

It’s going to rain when you least expect it or you’ll have a key member of staff off when you’re coming down with a cold. That’s when personal motivation really kicks in. Can you find the motivation to get on with the day, or will that be a struggle?

IT Skills

We all seem to be so much busier despite there being so much that makes our lives easier? How does that happen? Many of our customers like to communicate online, via Facebook messenger, email or text – you’ll need to be savvy with a mobile and a laptop so you can communicate with your customers efficiently and in a timely manner – because if you’re not, your competitors will!

A Genuine Love of Animals

This goes without saying, but your love for animals has to be as big as ours. We’re entrusted to look after pets of all different shapes, sizes, personalities and it’s important that we love and care for them as much as their owners. 

People who run our branches are people just like you. 


If you’re interested in finding out more about running your own pet care and dog walking franchise, take a look at our free downloadable brochure.

This entry was posted on 19th August 2019.