What’s it like running your own dog walking franchise?

What’s it like running your own dog walking franchise?


Find out how Lorna & Jo, our Farnham franchisees, are getting on with their new franchise. 

So, a couple of months on. How has it been?

Hard work at the start, but we have now got into a working routine and with regular customers it’s nice to finally have some strong relationships with the owner and dogs.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

Running a business is not something Lorna and I have done before. Things like invoicing, recruitment and admin are part of running a business and we have both had to overcome these hurdles.

How does that challenge compare to your ‘previous life’ as an employee for a large firm?

Now we have the opportunity to run and manage a business it gives us the confidence to believe in ourselves and show others what we are capable of.

What’s been your most enjoyable moment?

Building relationships with the animals. One of regulars, a little westie, was a shy timid puppy and she has gone from this to a happy and very social dog. It’s so rewarding to see this and knowing you are helping out the owner too.

What do you tell yourself when things seem a little tough?

Lorna and I have pep talks and seeing our regulars coming along makes it worth it.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 6-12 months?

To carry on building our client base, working with our clients we already have and taking on more staff for the walking side of the business.

This entry was posted on 14th June 2017.