Why a Pet Care Franchise is a Great Opportunity Right Now

Why a Pet Care Franchise is a Great Opportunity Right Now

Are you less than happy at work? Do you dream of being our own boss some day? Are you currently out of work and looking for your next opportunity? And do you love animals?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you might be the perfect person to run a pet care franchise. Running a franchise gives you the best of both worlds – you own and manage your own business, deciding when and how long you work, but you have the backing of a large successful company and all their resources to support you.

And while there are lots of different franchise options out there, you’ll want to choose a market that’s strong, resilient and growing, with lots of potential customers. Based on these criteria, the pet care market is an excellent franchise opportunity.


The pet care market

In 2017, the market value for pet care products was around 5.3 billion euros. The pet care market remained relatively unaffected by the economic downturn and, despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, this market is expected to continue growing over the next five years.

In 2017, 13 million UK households had at least one pet and there are over 54 million pets in the UK – that’s an average of four pets per household! Cats and dogs are the most popular pets, and are largely treated as part of the family. These furry family members need a lot of care – feeding, grooming, exercising, and simple love and attention!


Make a difference with a pet care franchise

Pet-owners are busier than ever. They have jobs, children, families AND pets to take care of. Like most people, they’re working long hours and can’t make it home at lunch or break times. They might have to travel for work, or go away for weekend or longer holidays. Who can they rely on to take care of their pets when they can’t be there? As a pet care franchisee, they could rely on YOU.

WeLovePets have been running a successful pet care franchising business for over ten years. Their franchisees provide dog walking and pet sitting services to thousands of happy customers. WeLovePets are so confident that their business model will work for you, that they guarantee to return your franchise fees if you don’t get enough customer enquiries.

Running your own business can seem daunting at first. WeLovePets has a great support network in place for their franchisees – training, business mentors, marketing, vet nurses and solicitor expertise are all available to help you with your new business. You could even work towards a City & Guilds qualification in dog walking and pet sitting.

So if you’re ready to be your own boss, to earn a great income and enjoy rewarding work looking after animals, look into a franchise with WeLovePets.


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This entry was posted on 7th May 2018.